We understand you might be unsure about your travel plans as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves. At CVR our focus is to assist you as efficiently as possible and ensure peace of mind.

During these unique circumstances, and based on decisions made by our President last night we have to unfortunately put Champagne Valley under lock down. #flattenthecurve #puttingyoursafetyfirst

We encourage those of you who have already booked with us to please email us so as we can assist you with the way forward. In order to help save Tourism we will appreciate your support greatly if you can modify your dates rather than cancel.

Those of you who are already at our resort, will have to check out by 10am on Thursday morning.

Let’s stand together during this time and listen to what our President has said. Let’s learn from the mistakes other countries have made. Stay at home. Stay safe. #Flattenthecurve



Situated deep in the Central Drakensberg Valley is the Champagne Valley Resort from where one can enjoy spectacular views of Cathkin Peak, Champagne Castle, Monks Cowl and the Dragon Peaks.


The location of the resort offers the best summer and winter entertainment for all ages, some of which include fishing, cycling, recreational centre, swimming and miniature golf.

The Drakensberg Valley is home to the renowned Drakensberg Boys Choir and Falcon Ridge Birds of Prey. The Valley boasts some of the finest restaurants, delis and coffee shops.

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